Care And Planning Prevention Alliance


CAPPA is the statewide community planning group for HIV, AIDS, hepatitis and sexually transmitted infections (STI) in Wyoming. Community planning is a critical process by which the health department works in partnership with the community and key stakeholders to enhance access to HIV, hepatitis, and STI prevention, care, and treatment services for high risk populations. CAPPA members can also advocate for consistent access to care and treatment across Wyoming.

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CAPPA is supported through cooperative agreements with the United States Department of Health and Human Services, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), and the Wyoming Department of Health.

The core objectives of community planning are:

  • Bring together a diverse group of individuals concerned about HIV, AIDS, hepatitis, and STIs in the state of Wyoming
  • Include members who are representative of various populations living with or at increased risk for HIV/AIDS, hepatitis and STIs
  • Develop a Comprehensive Plan detailing Wyoming’s approaches to the care and prevention of HIV/AIDS and hepatitis
  • Evaluate strengths, weaknesses, barriers, and gaps in prevention and care service delivery in Wyoming
  • Prioritize prevention interventions based on need, effectiveness, cost, theory, and community norms and values
  • Advocate for consistent access to care and treatment across Wyoming

Mission Statement

The mission of the Wyoming Comprehensive Care and Prevention Planning Alliance (CAPPA) is to develop, evaluate and modify a Comprehensive Plan that effectively addresses the care and prevention needs of high-risk populations as well as individuals living with or affected by HIV, AIDS, hepatitis and STIs in Wyoming.

CAPPA’s Purpose

CAPPA exists as a core component of both the HIV Prevention Program, as required by CDC and the HIV care and treatment public advisory planning for Ryan White Programs and the AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP) as required by HRSA.

Become a CAPPA Member

Applications for membership are accepted throughout the year and reviewed quarterly. CAPPA meets three to four times a year, in various locations around Wyoming and through video conferencing. Meetings typically begin Friday afternoon and continue all day Saturday. Expenses (food, lodging, mileage) associated with attendance at meetings are reimbursed to CAPPA members and applicants. Others are welcome to attend as all of the meetings are open to the public. The application for membership can be accessed below.

CAPPA Membership Application