Handicapped Plates

The County Treasurer issues handicapped plates to anyone authorized by the State of Wyoming to display them. Vehicles with handicapped plates are able to park in any handicapped designated areas.

Application Process

Applications are available online, at the Carbon County Treasurer’s Office, and at the WYDOT office in Rawlins. The form must first be brought to the applicant’s physician for the physician to complete the Disability Certification. It must then be brought to the WYDOT office for final approval. Once the state approves the application, it can be brought to the Treasurer’s Office for the plates to be issued.


A person qualifying for handicapped status may be issued:

  • 1 temporary placard, or
  • 1-2 permanent placards, or
  • 1 permanent placard and handicapped plates

An application only needs to be completed once. If a customer has permanent placards and wants handicapped plates, the approval can be made by WYDOT signing off on the application that was already submitted.

Once a customer is approved for plates there is no limit to the number of handicapped plates they may be issued, as long as the name of the qualifying customer is on the title to the vehicle that is being registered.


There is no application fee for handicapped plates. Registration fees are the same for handicapped plates as they are for standard plates.