License Plates

Payment of Registration

In order to ensure correct selection of vehicles upon registration, we ask that you please provide the vehicles' VIN or License Plate Number. Looking up registration by name only is not ideal and can lead to missed vehicles, especially if an owner is registering multiple vehicles at once. This will allow us to serve you more efficiently and quickly. Click here to renew with assigned PIN number. 

Plate Types

The County Treasurer’s Office issues license plates for all vehicles except commercial apportioned, exempt (government, schools, law enforcement), and some specialty plates (custom vehicle, street rod, pioneer), which are issued by the Wyoming Department of Transportation.

Different types of vehicles require different plate types. Available plate types are:

  • All Terrain Vehicles (MPVs) - These plates require an MPV Information Checklist to verify they are street legal
  • Commercial
  • Commercial Trailer
  • Dealer - Demo and Full Use
  • Handicapped
  • House Trailer
  • Lightweight Trailer (under 1,000 pounds)
  • Motorcycle (Includes both motorcycles and Dirt Bikes) Registration of Dirt Bikes require this checklist.
  • Passenger
  • Trailer
  • Truck
  • Veterans
  • Specialty Plates


Plates always expire a year from the month the vehicle was purchased, or a year from the month the vehicle entered the state. However, someone purchasing a registration may select a different month by paying additional fees to move the expiration date. The registration must always be at least 12 months but not more than 23 months.

Display of Plates

Two license plates are issued for cars, trucks, and commercial vehicles. Both must be displayed (one in front and one in back) in order for the vehicle to be legally licensed. Some vehicles in Wyoming may be exempt from a front license plate. Exempt vehicles include those that:

  • Display Custom, Pioneer, or Street Rod plates
  • Were originally manufactured without a bracket, device, or other means to display and secure a front plate.