Emergency Preparedness

Public Health ResponsePublic Health Response Team

The role of the Carbon County Public Health Emergency Response Coordinator (PHRC) is to coordinate the activities of the local and state health departments, to increase overall preparedness, and meet the goals and objectives as written in the Center for Disease Control (CDC) Cooperative Agreement for Public Health Preparedness. The PHRC identifies public health emergency response strategies, analyzes data from prior drills, events, and national incidents, and write/update plans annually.

Community Work

In addition, the PHRC position has a strong role in the community and will work with the following:

  • First responders
  • Health care agencies
  • Non-government organizations
  • Private industry
  • Public safety staff in training, education, and plan writing


The PHRC also coordinates disaster and incident planning, training, and exercises for various public health emergencies. These responsibilities may involve:

  • Biological
  • Chemical
  • Explosive
  • Infectious and communicable disease outbreaks or events
  • Nuclear
  • Radiological

Carbon County Public Health Anthrax- Head of Household Form

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